July 1st – 31st

One of Japan’s three largest festivals – Gion Matsuri Festival

Starting with the Kippu-iri ceremony on July 1st, Kyoto’s most festive and grand festival begins.  Omukae Chochin, Mikoshi Arai, Hoko-tate & Yama-tate, Yama Hoko Junko and Shinko-sai on the 17th, and Kanko-sai on the 24th…  A number of important and traditional ceremonies are held every day in the city during the month of the Gion Matsuri Festival.  The city of Kyoto is filled with colors and a festive atmosphere right up until the festival reaches its completion on July 31st.


Photo by Akira Nakata, Written by Shinobu Nakai Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. Published on 14.06.13