Tips for KYOTO


Basic manners for ryokan inns, dining situations and while visiting temples and shrines that you should know when traveling in Japan.

    Before check-out

    Check the condition of your room before checking-out

      Manners in a Japanese bath

      It is the user’s responsibility to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.  Here are some tips on how to take a bath properly in a Japanese shared bath.

        Recommended dress code in a Japanese Accommodation

        Your attire will affect how people treat you.  Wearing a yukata properly will surely impress people.

          “Must-not-dos” in a Japanese room

          Even a small action that you do unintentionally could be perceived as impolite in a different culture.  Here are some tips you should remember about staying in a traditional Japanese room.

            Making reservations and checking-in: “How to start your travel comfortably”

            Accommodation is an important element in any travel.  How you like the accommodation and the staff will decide your impression of the entire trip.  The relationship between you and the accommodation begins when you check-in or even from the time you make a reservation.  Be friendly with the staff and have enjoyable conversations during your stay.

              How to visit Shinto shrines

              Many people probably know that first thing to do when visiting a Shinto shrine is to clap one’s hands twice.  Then, do you know how many times you should bow?  What should you do at the water place where wooden ladles are placed?  Here is the correct way of visiting a Shinto shrine in Japan.

                Can I go to a ryotei (high-class Japanese restaurant) without socks? Is there any dress code?

                There are no strict rules for eating in a ryotei but there are some tips that will make your time there more relaxing and comfortable.