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Manners in a Japanese bath

It is the user’s responsibility to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.  Here are some tips on how to take a bath properly in a Japanese shared bath.

  1. No matter which bath style you take, in a private bath in your room or a large shared bath, what users have to remember is basically the same.  First, never forget to rinse your body with hot water before getting into the bathtub.  Then, if you are in a shared bath with others, do not wash your face and body in the water or take a towel into the bath.  While washing outside the bathtub, please remember there are others around so be careful not to scatter soap foam and water.  When finished, run water around your washing area so the next person can use the place comfortably.  Also, check to make sure you have not left the floor wet around your area in the changing room before you leave.

Published on 13.06.29