Tips for KYOTO

Manners for accommodation

Recommended dress code in a Japanese Accommodation

Your attire will affect how people treat you.  Wearing a yukata properly will surely impress people.

  1. In some ryokan inns, there are two sets of yukata (casual kimono for interior clothing) prepared: one for wearing in the accommodation and the other for when going to bed.  Even if there is only one set, there is always a jacket called haori.  Always wear the haori when you leave your room and move about the accommodation (for dinner and taking a bath out of the room).

    A tip for wearing a yukata correctly and comfortably is to choose the right size. A truly first-class ryokan staff member can immediately tell your correct size. Wear a yukata over underwear and by wrapping it around yourself with the left side over the right.  Fasten the cloth belt loosely between stomach and navel.  You can ask to change the yukata after taking a bath or the next day.  Tabi split-toe socks might be prepared along with the yukata.  It is better to wear them even in summer months in order to keep your feet clean.

Published on 13.06.29