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Manners for accommodation

Making reservations and checking-in: “How to start your travel comfortably”

Accommodation is an important element in any travel.  How you like the accommodation and the staff will decide your impression of the entire trip.  The relationship between you and the accommodation begins when you check-in or even from the time you make a reservation.  Be friendly with the staff and have enjoyable conversations during your stay.

  1. Though many people make reservations online recently, here we would like to introduce an example of how to make a pleasant phone reservation.  Prior to making the phone-call, it's a good idea to prepare a note including the dates you wish to stay, your arrival time, number of people, smoking or non-smoking, how you will get to the accommodation, purpose of visit, etc.  It’s also a good idea to take notes of the staff member’s replies and bring it with you on the day of your arrival.  Also, notify them if you to plan send your luggage on before your arrival.


    In a Japanese-style inn, shoes are not worn.  Therefore, it might be better to remember to wear the appropriate shoes and socks.  In the case where you can’t arrive on time, call the accommodation in advance and inform them of your new arrival time. 

Published on 13.06.28