Tips for KYOTO


Please choose the accommodations to various purposes. Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), machiya townhouse, hotels, etc....

'How to feel the very essence of traditional Japanese culture', 'How to experience a machiya townhouse', 'Can I try to stay at a shukubo (visitors' or pilgrims' lodgings in a temple)? '

It is recommended to book your accommodation before you come to Kyoto as Kyoto gets extremely crowded on weekend and the night before a national holiday in spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November).
Book at Kyoto Tourist Information Center (Kyo Navi)
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Other Accommodation
>> See our recommended shukubo(temple lodging)
Please check Japanese manners for accommodations as below.
 Making reservations and checking-in
 Tip (called kokoro-zuke in Japanese)
 Recommended dress code in a Japanese Accommodation
 Manners in a Japanese bath
 Before check-out