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15 must-see spots when you come to Japan

The best scenery of autumn tints in Kyoto Vol.1

In autumn, the whole city of Kyoto is beautifully colored by red and yellow leaves. Here we collected Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples renowned as best spots of autumn tints in Kyoto. It is highly recommended to visit these sites when you come to Japan in fall. >>Check out "The Best Scenery of Autumn Tints in Kyoto Vol.2"



Shisen-do Temple is originally used as a mountain cottage by the poet, Jozan Ishikawa, and is also renowned as the best spot of Azalea flowers contrasted with red leaves. It is recommended for visitors to descend from the room and to take a leisurely walk.



Shisen-do Temple  

Have a Seat and a Great View of Autumn Color
Leaves at Shisen-do Temple turn red relatively slowly, so visitors appreciate them from the middle of November to December. It is very characteristic that as many as 50 trees turning color gradually can be seen over extended period of time.

Appeared in “Kyoto Autumn Travel”, Fujin-Gaho,November issue,2010  Published on 14.11.05

Shisen-do Temple

Villa of elegance where Jozan Ishikawa spent his retired life

The famed literati in the early Edo period (1600-1868), Jozan Ishikawa, established this residence for his retired life.  He designed it by himself and it was converted into a Buddhist temple with the official name of Shisen-do Jozan-ji Temple.  The name comes from the 36 portraits of famous poets/poetess (Shisen) that were drawn by a gifted ink painter, Tan’yu Kano.  The garden in front of the Shoin building is in ancient Chinese style with beautifully trimmed azalea shrubs. The garden presents different attractions in each season but especially, autumn colored leaves display an incredible beauty.  Visitors can experience a special sound effect using bamboo invented by Jozan himself.

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Published on 14.11.05