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The best scenery of autumn tints in Kyoto Vol.1

In autumn, the whole city of Kyoto is beautifully colored by red and yellow leaves. Here we collected Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples renowned as best spots of autumn tints in Kyoto. It is highly recommended to visit these sites when you come to Japan in fall. >>Check out "The Best Scenery of Autumn Tints in Kyoto Vol.2"





Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine  

Bright Red Leaves along the Course of the River
250 maple trees loved by Sugawara no Michizane, a scholar and a political figure of Heian Period, spread around the whole area located in west of Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine. It is said that there are trees of 350-400 years among them. The light-up after the sunset should not be missed.

Published on 14.11.05

Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine

The deity of academic achievement worshipped by students all around Japan; Also known for beautiful plum blossom and colored leaves

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine which is known familiarly “Kitano Tenjin-san” to Kyoto people, was established in 947. Originally Tajihi no Ayako built a palace to enshrine Michizane Sugawara as the guardian God of the imperial palace in the Ukonbaba of Kitano, it is said that this was the founding head shrine of Tenmangu Shrines throughout Japan. This shrine is particularly famous for the deity of learning. Michizane had a great talent since his childhood and played an active role as a scholar and a politician, therefore, a lot of students preparing for examinations visit here from all over Japan. The main shrine is a Momoyama-period architectural building and is designated as a national treasure. Chu-mon Gate (Important Cultural Property), East Gate and Azekura were also built during the same period. Approximately 1,500 plum trees are planted as Michizane loved this tree.  Beautiful plum blossom in full bloom can be enjoyed around the entire shrine from the early February to the middle of March. The 25th is the monthly anniversary after the death of Michizane.  On the same day, “Tenjin Market” is held every 25th of the month, which is very popular for many people regardless of age or gender seeking out a bargain.

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Published on 14.11.05