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15 must-see spots when you come to Japan

The best scenery of autumn tints in Kyoto Vol.1

In autumn, the whole city of Kyoto is beautifully colored by red and yellow leaves. Here we collected Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples renowned as best spots of autumn tints in Kyoto. It is highly recommended to visit these sites when you come to Japan in fall. >>Check out "The Best Scenery of Autumn Tints in Kyoto Vol.2"





Nison-in Temple  

Fascinatingly Colored “Autumn Leaf Horse-Riding Ground”
The gentle approach from the main gate is called “Autumn Leaf Horse-Riding Ground”, and leaves turn brilliant red and yellow. “Photos would be very impressive with a sense of perspective such as taking leaves to the front and the gate into the back.” said a photographer, Akira Nakata.

“Kyoto Walk with Flowers and Autumn Leaves” responsibly edited by “Today, KYOTO, Tomorrow”, 2014/ Flower Photo by Akira Nakata/ Report by Akiko Okita Published on 14.11.05

Nison-in Temple

An old temple with blazing autumn leaves where Hyakunin Isshu was compiled

Buddhist priest, Jikaku Daishi, established this temple at the foot of Mount Ogura under the commission of Emperor Saga in the early 9th century.  Official name of the temple is Ogura-yama Nison Kyoin Kedai-ji Temple.  The name of the temple, Nison, means “Two Deities” and as the name represents, there are two main deities enshrined in the temple: Shaka Nyorai and Amida Nyorai.  During the Onin civil war period (1467-1477) the temple was burnt down but the main hall, Kara-mon Gate and So-mon Gate are all restored successfully.  There is a small building called Shigure-tei which is said to have been the place where the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, the famous poetry anthology was complied.  In autumn, maple trees on the temple approach will color beautifully and welcome visitors.

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Published on 14.11.05