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15 must-see spots when you come to Japan

The best scenery of autumn tints in Kyoto Vol.1

In autumn, the whole city of Kyoto is beautifully colored by red and yellow leaves. Here we collected Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples renowned as best spots of autumn tints in Kyoto. It is highly recommended to visit these sites when you come to Japan in fall. >>Check out "The Best Scenery of Autumn Tints in Kyoto Vol.2"





Jakko-in Temple  

Taste the Flavor of Hidden Village Withdrawn from the World
The scenery of large maple trees on both sides of the approach and its strewn leaves afterwards can be described as incredibly beautiful. It is recommended visitors to take pictures in the morning or at dusk when the village around becomes genuinely silent.

“Kyoto Walk with Flowers and Autumn Leaves” responsibly edited by “Today, KYOTO, Tomorrow”, 2014/ Flower Photo by Akira Nakata/ Report by Akiko Okita Published on 14.11.05

Jakko-in Temple

Famous for its association with the historical novel -"The Tales of Heike"

To reach Jakko-in Temple it takes about one hour bus ride from Kyoto city.  It stands peacefully in a hamlet of the Northern mountains in Ohara.  The Temple was established as a nunnery of the "Tendai-sect" by Prince Shotoku. This temple is known as the place where Taira no Kiyomori's daughter, Kenreimon-in lived in seclusion after the defeat of the Taira clan and spent her days praying and holding memorial services for the Taira clan, which is told in the famous historical novel, "The Tales of Heike" and Noh play called “Ohara Gako”, which depicts the story about the family's rise to prosperity and the fall of the Taira family.  Its garden still preserves the appearances of "The Tales of Heike" such as Sennen no Hime, Komatsu, stone covered with moss and the cherry on the shore.  There is a stroll-style garden with pond, situated to the right from the main hall. Watching the water fall called “Tamadare no Sensui” and hearing the flowing sound of spring water, will take you away from the daily life.

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Published on 14.11.05