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15 must-see spots when you come to Japan

The best scenery of autumn tints in Kyoto Vol.1

In autumn, the whole city of Kyoto is beautifully colored by red and yellow leaves. Here we collected Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples renowned as best spots of autumn tints in Kyoto. It is highly recommended to visit these sites when you come to Japan in fall. >>Check out "The Best Scenery of Autumn Tints in Kyoto Vol.2"



Beautiful landscape is one of Yoshimine-dera Temple’s charms, and has been printed on the poster of Central Japan Railway “Why not go to Kyoto?”Photo by officeRANSACK



Yoshimine-dera Temple  

One of Sentimental Views with the Whole Mountain Colored Red
Yoshimine-dera Temple was appeared in the guidebook (Miyako Meisho Zue) published in Edo Period which recommended some spots of autumn leaves. It provides visitors the panorama view of Kyoto city and a row of mountains all at once.

Appeared in “Kyoto Autumn Travel” Fujin-Gaho,November issue,2010 Published on 14.11.05

Yoshimine-dera Temple

Spectacular view of the Higashiyama range, the sea of clouds, and capital lit up by the rising sun

Yoshimine-dera Temple was established in 1029, however it was destroyed during the Onin Civil War (1467-1477). Later it was rebuilt by Keishoin, the mother of the 5th Tokugawa Shogun, Tsunayoshi Tokugawa.  Currently it is known as the 20th temple of Saigoku Sanjusankasho pilgrimage. The temple has a spectacular view and was used for the making of the film "SAYURI"; a Hollywood movie which won an academy award for best cinematography.

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Published on 14.11.05