Autumn leaves location

Autumn leaves location recommended by the Honorary curator of the Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden

The Honorary Curator of the Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden, Shigeru Matsutani, introduces two recommended places where visitors can experience the wonders of nature.


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    Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine  AREA:

    Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine

    The temple surrounded by gingko trees turns to gold in autumn

    Many people might imagine that maple leaves turn to red, however, the original word for maple (momiji) derives from the condition of the leaves that simply change their colors.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter which color the leaves turn.  One of the most known yellow autumn leaves is gingko.  There is a lesser-known Shinto shrine whose precinct is completely covered with the golden yellow of gingko leaves in autumn.  That is Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine, which is quietly located in a village on the north side of the city.  Gingko trees live for very long and grow very tall.  In Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine, many trees have reached over 20 meters.  When a strong wind blows, yellow leaves fall all together like a golden shower, which is a breathtaking view.  By the way, gingko is a dioecism species and only male trees grow in this shrine so there is no smell of gingko nuts.  Try to look at a leaf while turning it over in the sunlight to closely examine the delicate color difference on one leaf.  

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    Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden  AREA:

    Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden

    Enjoy vivid colors of large maple trees

    Matsutani says, “I definitely recommend our botanical garden for autumn colors.  About 2,000 plants change colors in our garden and particularly spectacular are the large maple trees.”

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Appeared in “Kyoto Autumn Travel” Fujin-Gaho,November issue,2010 、Published on 13.11.14


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