Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2017

【March 3-  12】Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2017

  1. Hokan-ji Temple (Yasaka Pagoda)

    Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2017
    March 3 – 12 18:00-21:30 (rain-or-shine-event)
    The Higashiyama area in Kyoto is a tourists’ bonanza in all seasons.Furthermore, during the nights in March, the region shows you a different facet thanks to the Higashiyama Hanatouro.This event invites you to enjoy a relaxing and romantic stroll.

    Approximately 2,500 lanterns decorate the 5-km. walking path that leads to the foothills of Higashiyama Mountain.From the north, a path goes through Shoren-in Temple, Maruyama Park, and then through Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizu Temple in the south.

    Soft lights reflecting off the stone pavement and shimmering amongst the trees are too beautiful to describe.
    The abundant ikebana arrangements together with paper lanterns welcome you to an enchanting world.

  2. Dedication Dance by Maiko

    Higashiyama Hanatouro Highlight Events

    Ikebana Promenade
    With the cooperation of the Kyoto Ikebana Association, large flower arrangements are displayed on the streets.

    Contemporary Ikebana Exhibits
    A grand flower arrangement competition by young ikebana artists is held with the cooperation of the Kyoto Ikebana Association in
    Maruyama Park.

    Bamboo Lanterns – A River of Quiet Beauty
    About 500 bamboo lanterns are placed on the Yoshimizu Stream and flow through Maruyama Park to create a magical atmosphere.

    Dedication Dance by Maiko
    Maiko of the five Kagai, Kyoto’s traditional entertainment areas, will dance for the dedication at Yasaka Shrine.

The information on this site is reprinted from the March 2017 issue of Kyoto Visitor's Guide. ◎AD BRAIN INC. Published on 17.03.02