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Experience supreme hospitality in traditional Japanese inns

Classical Japanese inns serving true Kyoto cuisine

Every tourist visiting Kyoto will expect to try authentic Kyoto cuisine.  If you like to enjoy your dining moment with hospitality and taste, try and stay in a traditional Japanese inn reputed to serve good Kyoto cuisine.  You will discover delicateness in every dish and corner in the room.







『婦人画報』2013年12月号 「京都の宿」掲載 Published on 13.11.18


Stay amongst the rustic flavor of rural Kyoto

The estate used to belong to an influential businessperson in Kyoto, Gentaro Tanaka, the father of the Torokko tram train system in western Kyoto.  Today, the restaurant is known as a fine ryotei (high class Japanese restaurant).  The building was renovated 10 years ago and offers even more charm with the addition of suite rooms, both Japanese and Western style, and by serving a Kyoto-style kaiseki course and Italian cuisine.  The owner is a master of the tea ceremony and often organizes tea ceremony parties.  Overnight guests can enjoy their full kaiseki course consisting of many seasonal blessings from the natural surroundings of Kameoka, where the inn is located.  Some of the dishes, like pieces of raw fish flavored with konbu kelp and steamed turnip, are very down-to-earth since they originate from the simple and austere tea ceremony meal.  The main dish in the course is a hot pot of pheasant and wild boar.  For an even more special experience, diners can take their meals in a beautiful building that is designated as a cultural heritage.

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Photos/ Makoto Ebisu, Yasuo Kubota Writing/ Akiko Okita Published on 13.11.18