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    Café and Japanese sweet shop for adults in Gion

    Maiko and geiko love sweets!  No wonder that there are several Japanese sweet shops and cafés in Gion that have satisfied their palate for sweets for many years.  The six places introduced below each have their own unique appeal – a sophisticated Japanese café using renovated classical Japanese architecture, a café with a slow and tranquil atmosphere, and an authentic coffee shop just opened by Shirakawa Stream.  Stop by one of these cafés and enjoy a relaxing break.


      Must-try lunch experience in Gion

      Authentic Japanese cuisine is such a delight but their prices are not always affordable.   However, there are many restaurants in Gion where visitors can experience authentic kaiseki at a reasonable price, if you go for lunch.  Here are some recommendations including classical Japanese restaurants and recently opened ones attracting people day to day with their superb course meals.


        Kyoto-style handworks by well-cultivated artisans

        Kyoto is the city where many of traditional craftsmen live for a long time. For instance, kimono accessories like Japanese sandals and socks, dishes and cooking utensils, comfortable shirts, and post cards with crafted paper. Won’t you go finding the handwork of Kyoto and feel range of artistic craftsmanship? Let the time to communicate with creators turn into memorable experience.


          Try hot and savory okonomiyaki in Kyoto

          Okonomiyaki is a pizza-like savory dish of Japan.  There are a variety of unique okonomiyaki styles in Kyoto such as healthy ones with lots of vegetables, incredibly fluffy ones like a soufflé, and classical ones with simple toppings.  The restaurants introduced below are particularly recommended places for unique okonomiyaki.  Go and try them with your friends and family and get warm eating okonomiyaki.

          Visit Kyoto’s renowned gardens

            Visit Kyoto’s renowned gardens

            Kyoto is full of magnificent gardens.  Those designed by renowned gardeners offer breathtaking scenery no matter when you visit them.  Winter is one of the best seasons if you wish to enjoy the garden in perfect tranquility.

            Japanese café and tearooms close to temples

              Japanese café and tearooms close to temples

              Without question, there are always great Japanese café and tearooms near famous Buddhist temples.  Here are the most historical Japanese women’s magazine, Fujin Gaho’s top 17 choices for your pleasurable teatime.


                8 stores offering classical Japanese costumes and accessories

                A pair of white tabi (split-toe) socks, inside collars with beautiful embroidery and comfortable and elegant traditional slippers…  These are essential accessories for traditional Japanese kimono attire.  What you choose and how you coordinate your choices will decide how you look.  Here are the stores in Kyoto that are especially popular and credible sources of traditional Japanese costumes and accessories.

                Japanese café and tearooms close to shrines

                  Japanese café and tearooms close to shrines

                  Many tourists visiting Kyoto enjoy visiting Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.  Here are some nice Japanese café and tearooms offering the perfect break spot during your exploration.

                  Representative temple of Kyoto

                    Kyoto's must-visit Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples

                    Many tourists visiting Kyoto enjoy visiting Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. It is a list of representative temples of Kyoto.


                      Buddhist temple guide in northern and southern Kyoto

                      In northern and southern Kyoto, there are Buddhist temples to visit with time to spare. The Rakuhoku northern Kyoto which has Ohara, Murasakino and Takagamine is a little away from the city center but known as hidden area. On the one hand, the Rakunan southern Kyoto area is easy to access by train and by car. Take yourself plenty of time to stop over at temples.