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Buddhist temples in western Kyoto

    Buddhist temples in western Kyoto

    Both the Arashiyama and Sagano areas in the western part of the city are blessed with many historical temples and shrines surrounded by beautiful natural environments.  Each place changes its atmosphere with the seasons enticing many visitors to return again and again.


      Buddhist temples in central Kyoto

      In Kyoto, many temples are seen in the center as if they are close to local people’s lives. When you come to the city central, feel free to drop in at temples any time.

      Buddhist temples in eastern Kyoto

        Buddhist temples in eastern Kyoto

        The Rakuto eastern Kyoto area is full of famous historical attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, visited by about twenty percent of all Kyoto tourists.  There are also nice walking paths in the area along the Kamo River, Shirakawa Street and the Philosopher’s Path.

        Shopping in the Nishiki Market

          Shopping in the Nishiki Market

          The Nishiki Market, often known by its more familiar name ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’ by locals, is where you can discover all kinds of food and special Kyoto items, from fresh vegetables to pickles, soy products like tofu and yuba to miso (salty soy bean paste).  From west to east, starting from Teramachi Street, must-visit places in particular are introduced here.  Enjoy your exploration of Kyoto’s Kitchen and discover both classical and new souvenirs from Kyoto.


            Kyoto’s favored shrines to visit on a New Year’s Day

            We collected 10 best shrines in Kyoto known as sacred sites that give people spiritual energy. Better fortune, driving away a bad luck, matchmaking with a future partner, a business success……what do you wish for this year? 

            Accommodations List

              How to choose accommodations of Kyoto according to the purpose

              'To feel the very essence of traditional Japanese culture', 'to experience a machiya townhouse', 'try to stay at a shukubo (visitors' or pilgrims' lodgings in a temple) '. In reference to a list of recommended accommodations to various purposes. Be more memorables!


                Invitation to pilgrim lodges to meet closed national treasure and secret Buddha

                For the autumn leaf season, every temple in Kyoto will be unbelievably crowded so you might not reach. For those who want to avoid that situation, staying at a pilgrim lodge is one of the good solutions. What is more, before the gate opens, you can see secret Buddha, a garden and so on without being bothered in the early morning. The following articles by Sarasa Yoshida (a temple and travel researcher) will invite you to the extraordinary world you can experience only when staying over at a temple.

                京宿家 粟田げっぱく庵

                  Feel the life in Kyoto by staying in a traditional machiya townhouse

                  There are many accommodations in Kyoto that offer guests the special experience of staying in a traditional machiya townhouse.  While retaining the classical structure of a machiya such as the entrance, tatami mat rooms and gardens, the bathroom and kitchen are fully equipped with the latest facilities so guests will not experience any inconvenience.  Stay in a machiya and experience the life in Kyoto.

                  Stay simple and relax fully in Gion

                    Stay simple and relax fully in Gion

                    Accommodations introduced here are all located near or in Gion, Kyoto’s most traditional and elegant area.  Dine out for dinner in sophisticated style and enjoy a savory breakfast in your accommodation with comfort – this is such a special experience.

                    Classical Japanese inns serving true Kyoto cuisine

                      Classical Japanese inns serving true Kyoto cuisine

                      Every tourist visiting Kyoto will expect to try authentic Kyoto cuisine.  If you like to enjoy your dining moment with hospitality and taste, try and stay in a traditional Japanese inn reputed to serve good Kyoto cuisine.  You will discover delicateness in every dish and corner in the room.