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    Cool down at a Japanese café with chilly sweets

    Summer in Kyoto is known for its severe heat and humidity. But don’t worry, chilled Japanese sweets will cool you down. Parfait, shaved ice, jelly-like dumpling containing sweet red bean paste inside... Try as many varieties as you can!


      Spiritual sites for women’s happiness

      There are many temples and shrines in Kyoto that are particularly worshipped by women as they have a female deity and thus give special benefits to women.  Here are seven especially popular places for better luck and happiness.

      “Kyoto Paper Items”

        Little and lovely “Kyoto Paper Items”

        During the Heian period (794-1185), when the national capital was set in Kyoto, there was an official paper-manufacturing center set in the imperial court.  Today, there are many paper specialty stores in the city where a number of pretty and cute items are available ranging from lovely cards, little envelopes, and letter sets.  Here are some recommended stores to get something nice for yourself and someone special.

        Must-try sweets for a Kyoto summer


          Must-try sweets for a Kyoto summer

          Silky smooth texture, chilling your mouth and cool beauty as it appears – There are certain kinds of sweets that you must not miss if visiting Kyoto during summer months.

          Experience the taste of exclusive restaurants for a reasonable price

            Experience the taste of exclusive restaurants for a reasonable price

            Certain high-class restaurants may be beyond some visitor’s budget, but many famous establishments offer a reasonably priced lunch.  Sample their exclusive tastes!


              Relax and enjoy a “Kyoto-style” tea break

              From authentic Japanese sweet stores to up-and-coming western patisserie, there are a wide variety of places where you can relax and enjoy a “Kyoto-style” tea break.

              Casual dining places in Kyoto: Japanese dishes

                EAST AREA CENTRAL AREA

                Casual dining places in Kyoto: Japanese dishes

                No travel to Kyoto is complete without delicious Japanese meals.  Actually there is no need to spend much for exquisite Japanese cuisine since there are a number of casual yet great lunch places all around the city.  You will be surprised at how delicious and reasonably priced their dishes are, cooked by chefs using their skills in Kyoto cuisine.