Gokomachi Kantoya

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    Gokomachi Kantoya

    Traditional taste of miso preserved by the experienced makers

    Kantoya has been focusing only on miso (salty soy bean paste used as a condiment) since 1847, on the south side of the imperial palace ground.  Fine quality ingredients, time and the maker’s experience complete the taste of Kantoya’s miso.  The first key in miso making is the condition of the rice malt that helps soybeans ferment.  It takes 3-4 days just to prepare the malt with an experienced staff member taking thorough care of the malt and checking the fermenting process every day.  Machines could fulfill this task but Kantoya trusts the work by people’s hand more.  Touching the malt and feeling its exact condition allows for precise adjustments to be made little by little.  Kantoya’s miso is the result of such sincere handiwork.  The photo is of the rice cracker flavored with Kantoya’s white miso.  No soy sauce is used and just white miso is applied on crunchy and light rice crackers.  One of the miso varieties uses a special kind salt produced in one of the small islands in Okinawa.  White Miso with Aguni Salt: 500g, 1,313 yen.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-gaho,January issue,2012


    Name Gokomachi Kantoya
    Address 582 Matsumoto-cho, Gokomachi-dori Ebisugawa-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-231-1728
    Hours 9:00-18:00
    Closed Sun., 3rd Sat., national holidays
    Recommended The last order for the year is accepted until mid December.