Bunnosuke Jaya Main Shop

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    Bunnosuke Jaya Main Shop

    An un-cool Kyoto sweet café where the cool gather

    “An un-cool restaurant where the cool gather” and “The countryside in Kyoto” – this is a famous phrase in the Rakugo (traditional Japanese comical story-telling drama) often performed by the popular Rakugo actor, Bunnosuke Katsura the Second, who is also the founder of this café.  In their early years, the café served Ama-zake (sweet cloudy sake) and their homemade taste has been handed down to the present day.  In those days, Ama-zake was a popular beverage for travelers making the long pilgrimage to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka Jinja Shrine.  They use a rice known as “Nipponbare” from Shiga prefecture which is best for making Ama-zake as the rice’s texture remains in the sake.  Their warabi-mochi (sweet jelly-like sweet) is made from Japanese warabi (bracken) harvested in the southern area of Kyushu.  They purchase red beans from Okayama prefecture and rice for dumplings from Niigata prefecture – all the finest ingredients from the best areas.  Simple is best as the quality of the ingredients used at Bunnosuke Jaya readily testify.

    Photo:Koichi Higashitani Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-Gaho,July issue,2011


    Name Bunnosuke Jaya Main Shop
    Address 373 Yasaka Kami-machi, Shimogawara-dori Higashi-iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-561-1972
    Hours 10:30-17:30
    Closed Wed., irregularly
    URL http://www.bunnosuke.jp/eccube/
    Recommended Warabi-mochi (souvenior): 680 yen for 2 peopple; 890 yen for 3 people; Amazake powder (souvenior): 420 yen