Gion Komori

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    Gion Komori

    Popular Japanese sweets café on Shinbashi Street in Gion

    Gion Komori was originally a dignified ochaya (restaurant where diners can enjoy meals and be entertained by maiko and geiko) that is situated at the entrance of Shinbashi, Gion in an area where there are well preserved old machiya townhouse buildings. They make popular Japanese sweets using high quality matcha green tea powder regardless the advice from a distributor of Japanese green tea that the quality is too good for making sweets. Also they make popular sweets, matcha ice cream, jelly, parfait and anmitsu (jelly and fruits in syrup) using generous amounts of Kyoto matcha.  All sweets have an excellent flavor and slightly bitter green tea taste, so-called ‘quality Japanese sweets for adults’. Warabi-mochi (sweet jelly made from bracken starch) having a smooth texture and fine sweetness is recommended as a souvenir.

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    Fujin-Gaho,July issue,2011/July issue,2010


    Name Gion Komori
    Address 61 Motoyoshi-cho, Gion Shinbashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075‐561‐0504
    Hours 11:00-20:30 (L.O.) (Sun. & national holidays: until 19:30; L.O.)
    Closed Wed. (open when it is national holidays)
    URL www.giwon-komori.com
    Recommended 1,500 yen for matcha (powedred green tea) jelly; 1,300 yen for Uji milk kintoki