Gion Owatari

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    Gion Owatari

    A restaurant with firm persistence

     The owner and chef, Mr. Masato Owatari, presents his unique cooking skills where he applies the basics of Kyoto cuisine to transform his dishes into something purely unique.  His originality makes Owatari distinguished in Gion, a battleground for restaurants of reputation.  After being trained himself in a famous Japanese restaurant in Osaka which unfortunately closed, Masato happened to open his own restaurant in Kyoto in 2009.  He adores antique wares from the Edo (1600-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods.  “I can touch the heart of our predecessors from beautiful wares handed down for generations.  I believe cherishing and utilizing them today and then passing them on to the future generations is our mission,” Masato says.  He doesn’t care who made the plate and when.  All that is important is if the plate can give him “the inspiration” that decides the completion of the dish.  Small vegetables arranged in a large lacquered bowl can accentuate the brilliant red of lacquer.  Layered glass plates add a unique color combination.  These hidden elements of hospitality are like how a tea ceremony host welcomes guests by paying thorough attention to every point during the tea ceremony so as to touch the sense of beauty of each guest and provide that uniquely satisfactory moment.  It took Owatari only 18 months to gain the trust of Kyoto people for his high level cooking skills and hospitable service.  The restaurant receives fresh fish and vegetables every day and even the water used for the dishes is taken from a local well every morning.  Owatari has received a star in the Michelin Guide, however, people come there not for the star but for their authentic dishes.

    Photo: Katsuro Takashima Written by:Shinobu Nakai Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-Gaho,May issue,2012


    Name Gion Owatari
    Address 570-265 Gion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-551-5252
    Hours 12:00-13:00 (L.O.); 18:00-21:00 (L.O.)
    Closed Irregularly
    Resevation Reservation required for lunch & dinner
    Recommended "A 5-min. walk from Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine. Recommended course from 11,000 yen"