Gion Tokuya

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    Gion Tokuya

    Traditional Japanese sweets born from fine ingredients and sincere dedication

    Hanamikoji Street in Gion is the most classical and attractive district in Kyoto where maiko and geiko walk by every day. Gion Tokuya is located in the highly traditional area in Kyoto where old machiya townhouses with wooden lattices and bamboo fences still remain everywhere.  They serve traditional Japanese sweets.  None of Gion Tokuya’s tastes can be achieved without obtaining the finest quality ingredients.  They use first class red beans called Dainagon Azuki from the Tanba district of Kyoto.  The beans are cooked with thorough care until becoming perfectly soft.  Then, the beans are reborn as zenzai and oshiruko (sweet bean soups).  Tokuya’s warabi-mochi (jelly-like sweet made from bracken starch) uses only Japanese warabi starch and wasanbon, the finest Japanese sugar.  The quality of these excellent ingredients is reflected in the taste of Tokuya’s sweets. Many people like their rice cakes too.  If you order rice cakes, you can bake them at your table over a special oven.

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    Fujin-Gaho,July issue,2011/July issue,2010


    Name Gion Tokuya
    Address 570-127 Gion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075‐561-5554
    Hours 12:00-18:00
    Closed Irregularly
    URL http://gion-tokuya.jp
    Recommended Hanami komochi: 1,500 yen; Hon warabi-mochi: 1,200 yen; Mochiyaki shiruko: 1,000 yen; Tokujo Matcha Uji kintoki: 1,300 yen, etc.