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    Hachidai Jinja Shrine

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    Hachidai Jinja Shrine

    Connection with Musashi Miyamoto, enshrining the deity for martial arts

    Hachidai Jinja Shrine enshrines the deities of Susano no Mikoto, Kushinada Hime no Mikoto and Hachioji no Mikoto. This shrine is also called Kitatenno (Kita no Gion), which is one of the 12 tutelary deities of the Imperial palace. These three deities have been worshiped for the avoidance of bad directions and misfortune. It is also known for its benefits for competitions and matchmaking as Susano-o no Mikoto killed Yamata no Orochi (big snake with eight heads) to save Kushinada Hime (Princess Kushinada) and after saving the princess they got married. The shrine has Ichijoji-Sagarimatsu, the well-known place where Musashi Miyamoto fought a duel with a member of the Yoshioka Family. Worshipers may get help from this brave deity of competition and gain the strength of Musashi for a certain victory.

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    Fujin-gaho,February issue,2012


    Name Hachidai Jinja Shrine
    Address 1 Ichijo-ji Matsubara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-781-9076
    Hours Entry: free (shrine office: 9:00-17:00)
    Recommended In the sacred grove situated by the sides of the path leading to the shrine, "Usuzumi Sakura (pale grayish cherry blossom; disignated as Natural Monument) can be seen.