Arashiyama Onsen Saishiki no Yado Hanaikada

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    Arashiyama Onsen Saishiki no Yado Hanaikada

    Prefect destination for a train trip, both overnight and day guests are welcome

    Hanaikada is a traditional Japanese inn located by the famous Togetsu-kyo Bridge in Arashiyama area to the west of Kyoto City.  Some rooms offer a river view from which the fascinating seasonal changes, such as cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn, can be enjoyed.  They are concerned about the environment and thus replaced almost all lightings to LED and always make sure to turn off unnecessary lights throughout the facility.  The executive director, Makoto Hasegawa says, “For guests who visit us by train, we offer a discount to send their luggage back home by delivery service.”  Hanaikada’s meals are full of the seasonal tastes of Kyoto like tofu and Kyoto vegetables.  For those who don’t have a chance to stay overnight, don’t worry.  Diners who try Hanaikada’s 2,500 yen lunch course are welcome to enjoy their hot spring.

    Photo: Katsuo Takashima, reported and writtern by Shinobu Nakashima
    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC., and introduced in Fujin-gaho, March issue, 2014.


    Name Arashiyama Onsen Saishiki no Yado Hanaikada
    Address Arashiyama Togetsukyo Minami-zume, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-861-0228
    Recommended From 19,000 yen with two meals (per person/night; for two people in one room); Check-in: 15:30, Check-out: 10:00; 13 rooms.