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    Slurping aromatic soba noodles among the beautiful countryside scenery

    Hanase village lies at the far northeast end of Kyoto City beyond Kurama which itself is considered far away from the city centre.  The unchanged village forest scene is healing for those who visit and Kachikuan is located in a traditional thatched roof old house where one can enjoy the quality handmade soba buckwheat noodle.  The owner, Tokuriki, opened the restaurant thinking of it as “a place where customer can also enjoy taking a nap.”  The restaurant’s décor is related to the 24 seasons according to the traditional Japanese farmer’s almanac and to traditional festivals, creating a relaxing ambience.  Delicious cold soba noodles are served in their special ceramic bowls.  Soba made with Japanese peppercorn is both wonderful with sesame or miso (fermented soy bean paste) sauce.  Sobanomi-zosui (rice porridge with soba grain) and Soba-miso (mixture of soba grain and miso) are also accompaniments for one to fully enjoy the aroma and taste of their quality dishes.

    Photo: Shin Ito / Reported and Written by Akiko Okita
    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. Introduced in"The Ways of Appreciating Kyoto Food 10 times more", July issue, 2011


    Name Kachikuan
    Address 69 Hanase Bessho-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-746-0321
    Hours Reservation accepted on weekdays (lunch only); Closed at 16:00 on Sat., Sun. & national holidays
    Closed Wed.
    Resevation Lunch from 1,600 yen; Two tables (with chairs) for 4 people each; Two Japanese rooms: for 4 people each
    URL http://www.hanase.co.jp/hanaseya/