Kameya Kiyonaga

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    Kameya Kiyonaga

    Revival of an ancient Chinese snack into the present day

    Since opening in 1617, Kameya Kiyonaga has been one of the most recognized Japanese confectionery stores in Kyoto, serving both the imperial family and important temples and shrines.  Furthermore, Kameya Kiyonaga is the only confectioner still producing a traditional sweet dumpling.  In former days, the dumpling was called Danki and was brought from China to Japan in the Nara period (710-794).  It is said that Kameya Kiyonaga learned how to make this special dumpling from a prestigious Buddhist monk of Mt. Hiei and they have continued the traditional producing technique since then.  Based on the tradition, Kameya Kiyonaga offers Seijo Kankidan (500 yen/piece) still today.  Inside is a smooth sweet paste of red bean containing miniscule amounts of seven kinds of incenses believed to act as a purifier.  The outside is made from flour and rice flour shaped like an auspicious moneybag that is deep-fried with sesame oil.  The crispy outside and mysterious scent inside is simply unique.  It is recommended to slightly warm them up before eating which makes the taste even better.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. Introduced in Hiru, Gion wa Tanoshi magazine, Fujin-gaho, August issue, 2014.  *Information is subject to change.


    Name Kameya Kiyonaga
    Address 534 Gion-cho Minami-gawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-561-2181
    Hours 8:30-17:00
    Closed Wed. (open if Wed. is a national holiday)