Kyo Tsukemono Kukiya

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    Kyo Tsukemono Kukiya

    Healthy and tasty pickles without food additives

    In Kyoto, there are a number of long-standing pickle shops.  Among them, Kukiya is still very new but they became one of the very popular pickles shops in Kyoto quite quickly.  The secret is their thorough care for every pickle item that is all made without additives.  The true taste of vegetables remains in Kukiya’s pickles, reminding people of the nostalgic “taste of homemade pickles.”  Most of their vegetables are organic or grown using less than half the amount of chemicals and fertilizers normally used for general vegetables and brought directly from affiliated farmers.  The Gourd Pickles with Sea Kelp (441 yen) retains the crispy texture of sliced gourd.  Wariboshi Tamari (525 yen) is another recommended item in which white radish is cut into small pieces and pickled in soy sauce and sesame while Karashi Nasu (525 yen) features eggplant pickled in spicy mustard.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC., and  introduced in “Oishii Kyoto 137” magazine, Fujin-gaho, July issue, 2010.


    Name Kyo Tsukemono Kukiya
    Address 34 Hachijo Uchida-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-691-2122
    Hours 10:00-17:00
    Closed Sun. and closed irregularly on Wed.
    Recommended Chirimen Sansho: 998 yen, Kitayama Shigure with sea kelp from Hokkaido: 998 yen is also recommended.