Minatoya Yurei Kosodate Ame Honpo

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    Minatoya Yurei Kosodate Ame Honpo

    A candy the ghost bought for children – Mysterious and popular candy for people wishing for promotion

    The neighborhood of Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple is called Toribeno, which used to be a public graveyard.  Traditionally, in Japan, mid-August is the time when the spirit of the deceased temporarily return to this world and Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple holds a special ritual for this occasion.  There is a tale about this temple.  About 400 years ago, there was a candy shop near the temple.  A woman visited the shop every night and bought some candies.  One night, the shop owner started to feel there was something strange about her as he discovered a leaf in his coin box every night after she came.  “She might be a fox transforming into a person and deceiving me,” he thought.  Then he decided to follow her one night and in the end he arrived in the graveyard.  He heard the voice of a baby and while looking, found a baby alive lying with the body of a woman.  He brought this baby back and raised him, and after that, the woman never showed up again in his shop.  This story spread around the town and people started to call his candy “Ghost Candy for Child Raising.”  Today, the 20th generation owner of Minatoya still keeps the coin box where the leaves were left.  How they make candies is unchanged since then.  Sugar and syrup are mixed and melted, and they are put in a mold until solid, and then, the large piece of candy is broken with a hammer into small pieces.  This simple candy will bring you a sense of nostalgic sweetness.  It leaves a rich sweet taste on your tongue but has such a refreshing taste and aroma right after it is melted away.  This is certainly a favorite of both children and adults.  Speaking about the baby who was rescued by the Minatoya’s owner, he grew up to be a great Buddhist monk and served Ryuhon-ji Temple in his later life.  This legend made people believe that Minatoya’s candy had a mysterious power to help a person gain promotion, therefore, in spite of the ominous name, the candy is very popular and people stop by Minatoya after visiting Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple and Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple to purchase some.  Why not take several home and share this story?

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-gaho,July issue,2011


    Name Minatoya Yurei Kosodate Ame Honpo
    Address Matsubara-dori Higashi-oji-nishi-iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-561-0321
    Hours 10:00-16:00
    Closed Mon. (open if Mon. is a national holiday)
    Recommended A number of visitors visit the area during the Rokudo Mairi ritual period (Aug. 7-10).