Mori no Koeda



Mori no Koeda

Delicate and delicious sweets to warm your heart

Mori no Koeda is a small cake shop run by a couple situated at the corner of a narrow alley that has become famous among sweet lovers. The owner of the cake shop is particularly careful about choosing safe and pure ingredients. They obtain organically produced ingredients as much as possible from contracted farmers and create delicious sweets making the most of the high quality ingredients. One of the popular items is the custard pudding made with free-range chicken eggs from Yamato plateau in Nara. The natural eggs taste slightly different from season to season. For example in summer, chickens drink more water thus making their eggs taste slightly lighter compared to in winter when the taste is more rich. Their regular customers can enjoy these subtle changes of taste through the different seasons.

Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
Fujin-gaho,August issue,2012


Name Mori no Koeda
Address 1F Forms Karasuma Oike, 675 Marukizaimoku-cho, Sakaimachi-dori Oike-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-204-3610
Hours 11:00-19:00 (lunch available only on weekdays)
Closed Mon. & 4th Sun.
URL http://www.morinokoeda.com/
Recommended Parfaits are served in the eat-in space.