Omuro Kaikan in the Ninna-ji Temple Complex

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    Omuro Kaikan in the Ninna-ji Temple Complex

    Worshipping in the Kon-do Hall, the National Treasure “behind-closed-doors”

    Omuro Kaikan is a temple lodging belonging to the huge Ninna-ji Temple complex near the Kinukake no Michi path.  This is a popular temple accommodation and one of the noteworthy attractions is their dinner.  They don’t serve typical Buddhist vegetarian cuisine (shojin ryori) but superb Japanese dishes.  The hotpot using a soymilk broth is particularly good.  The morning service is held in the Kon-do Hall, which is a temple hall and a National Treasure not open to the public in general, that was originally a part of the Imperial Palace.  The sounds of monks chanting Buddhist sutras resonates throughout the hall creating a naturally solemn feeling which makes many guests feel thankful for staying here.  The path in the precinct that connects the main gate and the Kon-do Hall is called the “Path of Purifying Soul.”  Walking on this path is believed to get rid of ambivalences in your mind.  It is said that even imagining walking on the path can reduce your mental burden.  After breakfast, it is recommended to take a small pilgrimage following the 88 sacred points in the mountain standing behind the temple precinct.

    Photo:Katsuro Takashima Written by:Sarasa Yoshida Hair&Make-up by:Ichida Biyou-shitsu Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-gaho, December issue,2013


    Name Omuro Kaikan in the Ninna-ji Temple Complex
    Address 33 Omuro Ouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-464-3664
    Recommended 6,000 yen/person/night (with breakfast; for 1 person); 9,500 yen with dinner; Check-in: 16:00; Check-out: 9:00; Curfew: 23:00; Morning service from 6:30 in winter, from 6:00 in summer; Attending the morning service is not compulsory; No credit cards accepted.