NOILLY’s Coffee & Spirits

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    NOILLY’s Coffee & Spirits

    Pure goodness of coffee beans found in the body temperature coffee

    Shuji Noiri opened this hideaway bar after working as a bartender for 30 years.  Nowhere can match this bar for its single malt whiskey though another key attraction is their coffee and many people come just to savor it.  “I try to bring out the maximum potential of beans,” says Noiri.  He is particularly careful when dripping the coffee both with the height from which he pours water over the beans and heating the water to just a little above human body temperature.  His dripping method doesn’t stress the beans creating an utterly pure taste with expanding flavor.  Noiri will select the suitable coffee beans from his original blend, Panama and other five to six kinds of coffee beans depending on your preference.  Visit his hideaway and savor the aromatic coffee as refreshment after drinking.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC., and introduced in the “True Gourmet in Kyoto Recommended by 108 Kyotoites” magazine, August issue, 2013


    Name NOILLY’s Coffee & Spirits
    Address 2F Takase Kaikan Bldg., 367 Kamiya-cho, Nishitakasegawa-suji, Shijo-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 090-3672-2959
    Hours 17:00-2:00
    Closed Tues.