Osteria Bastille

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    Osteria Bastille

    French bistro style restaurant inspired by Italian cuisine

    As soon as you open the restaurant’s antique door you will be submerged in the atmosphere of a Parisian bistro created by the antique furniture and decorations.  “While keeping the traditional French cuisine, I would like to combine Italian style cooking in order to keep creating new dishes,” says the chef.  This is why the restaurant is called “osteria,” meaning ‘casual diner’ in Italian, instead of “bistro” in French.  A lunch course includes country style pate, a southern French style appetizer, pasta and a meat dish with both French and Italian touches.  Enjoy the meal and you will feel as if you are traveling in Europe.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-gaho,July issue,2011


    Name Osteria Bastille
    Address 310 Rensha-cho, Takoyakushi-dori Karasuma-higashi-iru Kita-gawa, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-222-0788
    Hours 11:30-14:00 (L.O.), 18:00-21:30 (L.O.)
    Closed Tues.
    URL http://www.bastille.jp/osteriaBastille.html
    Recommended Lunch of the day: from 900 yen; Weekday Pasta Cuorse: from 3,200 yen (dinner)