Restaurant Otokoyama

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    Restaurant Otokoyama

    Juicy quality steakhouse sandwich at a reasonable price

    The restaurant resides in a retro-looking building on Route 1; one would walk by if they did not know that this is a long standing steakhouse established nearly 50 years ago and a well-known restaurant for those who appreciate good steaks.  Tadashi Nakano is the second-generation owner who took over the first owner’s hope of “making the restaurant loved by the locals due to his sincere attitude in cooking.”  Finding the best beef without being fixated with brands, Nakano cooks steaks with the meat that he chose with his own eyes and taste.  Besides steaks, he also offers creative original items for a reasonable price.  Among all, the beef cutlet sandwich he smilingly refers to as the “service menu” is the popular item.  Using 100g of quality Japanese black beef, the sandwich is simply delicious making a visit worthwhile just for this item.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC., and introduced in the “True Gourmet in Kyoto Recommended by 108 Kyotoites”magazine, Fujin-gaho, August issue, 2013


    Name Restaurant Otokoyama
    Address 41-1 Tozu Nakadai, Yawata City, Kyoto
    Tel 075-971-0010
    Hours 11:00-15:00 (L.O.), 15:00-21:00 (L.O.)
    Closed No holidays
    Resevation Reservation required for Sat., Sun., national holidays; 12:30 (weekday) or 12:00 (Sat., Sun., national holidays) only for lunch.
    URL http://homepage3.nifty.com/otoko-yama/