Coffee shop for everyone, loved by neighbors and tourists

When did stylish Kyoto people start drinking coffee? The oldest coffee shop in Kyoto “Shinshindo” opened in 1930.  They were closed temporality during the war but later the boom of coffee shops arrived around 1955 when the price of coffee dropped to half price. As Kyoto is the city of student, the city has developed a unique café culture. Students used coffee shops as a salon for seeking out active intelligent discussions.  Famous coffee shops still remain in Kyoto even today and Rokuyosha is one of them. The shop is always busy with many regular customers who have been visiting here since its establishment and still come to this shop first, whenever they visit Kyoto.The owner, Mr. Osamu Okuno drips coffee in an earnest manner. After work, he roasts coffee beans in a roasting hut 5-6 days a week and he roasts 8 kinds of coffee beans from India, Brazil and Tanzania at different roasting levels: Deeply-roasted, Middle-to-deeply-roasted and Middle-roasted. The owner says that everybody can make good coffee from using the house coffee beans without much knowledge of dripping technique, actually the taste made by a coffee maker is even better for those who don’t know much about coffee.There are various factors to bring out the deliciousness of coffee such as bean quality, preservation and the mill’s performance, however, it is widely believed that the most important is roasting. The tasty homemade donut made by Mr. Okuno’s wife is also popular.  They regularly sell 50 donuts a day on weekend and the number increases to a double on weekend. This coffee shop generously welcomes young women who like the donuts as well as for coffee connoisseurs.

Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
Fujin-gaho,August issue,2012


Name Rokuyosha
Address Kawaramachi-dori Sanjo-sagaru Higashigawa, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-221-3820
Hours 12:00-24:00 (bar is open from 18:00)
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