Salon Tawaraya

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    Salon Tawaraya

    Experience the authentic taste of green tea in the holy place of tea ceremony

    Tawaraya Yoshitomi is one of the most established Japanese sweet shops originating in the mid-Edo period (1600-1868).  In 2006, they opened a tiny Japanese café with only 8 seats in one of their branch shops on Ogawa Street.  Take the entrance on the right of the shop to reach the modern café with terrace seats behind the shop along a graveled narrow approach.  It is like a small Japanese hideout.  Tawaraya’s homemade sweets are of course all authentic produced with the pride of this honored Japanese sweet shop in Kyoto.  Matcha green tea and sweet set, anmitsu (jelly and fruits topped with sweet red bean paste) with three different kinds of syrups and freshly pounded rice cakes are especially popular.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-gaho, December issue,2013


    Name Salon Tawaraya
    Address 592 Hokyoin Higashi-machi, Teranouchi-dori Ogawa-nishi-iru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-411-0114
    Hours 10:00-16:30 (L.O.)
    Closed Tues.
    URL http://www.kyogashi.co.jp/
    Recommended A 15-min. walk from Senbon Enma-do Temple; Cream anmitsu: 840 yen, Matcha set (with seasonal Japanese sweet): from 735 yen, Anmitsu: 735 yen, Kama-age mochi: 735 yen (autumn to spring only), etc.