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    Suga Jinja Shrine and Kotsu Jinja Shrine

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    Suga Jinja Shrine and Kotsu Jinja Shrine

    Pray for travel safety at the shrine two gods enshrined

    Suga Jinja Shrine has roots in Nishitenno-sha Shrine built by the Emperor Toba's Empress, Bifukumon-in.  The shrine enshrines two gods: the main god is Susano-o no Mikoto.  It is said that if you put the Kesobumi (a type of amulet) given at the Setsubun Festival in the drawers of a chest, you will be blessed with good appearance and matchmaking. Kotsu Jinja Shrine is also situated in the same area, which was built in 1964 and enshrines Kunado no Kami who defended the shrine against enemies and a guiding deities Yachimatahiko no Mikoto and Yachimatahime no Mikoto, are worshiped as a deity for traffic safety and travel safety.

    Fujin-gaho,February issue,2012


    Name Suga Jinja Shrine and Kotsu Jinja Shrine
    Address 1 Shogoin Entomi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-771-1178
    Hours Entry: 9:00-17:00
    Recommended In the Setsubun Festival, a love letter senderr who wear Heian-period hat and costume will be appear.