Tadg’s Irish Bar and Restaurant

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    Tadg’s Irish Bar and Restaurant

    Popular Irish pub in Kyoto managed by a happy married couple

    Tadg’s Irish Pub and Restaurants is an Irish pub and a social meeting place in Kiyamachi, and is managed by the owner chef, Tadg who was born in Ireland and his wife, Mika. They serve Irish cuisine that’s adjusted to suit the Japanese climate and ingredients, also a wide range of dishes including Irish home cooking and European cuisine. They are happy to oblige any requests from customers, saying “OK!” with smile. Also available are more than 20 kinds of local craft beers that go well with their dishes. Tadg’s homely atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as there are tables and chairs of different shapes and sizes that resemble a friend’s living room. Foreigners, locals and those from a Kansai region frequently visit this popular pub to mingle and have a good time here.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-Gaho,August issue,2013


    Name Tadg’s Irish Bar and Restaurant
    Address 8F Empire Bldg. Kiyamachi-dori Sanjo-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-212-6339
    Hours 18:00-24:00
    Closed Tues.
    URL http://tadgs.com