Tanaka Coffee Gion Shop

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    Tanaka Coffee Gion Shop

    Longstanding beloved coffee house in Kagai

    This franchise coffee house has 5 shops in the city of Kyoto.  Their siphon coffee creates a clear and pure taste.  The Gion branch was established 30 years ago and has been loved by the people working in Kagai (Kyoto’s historical entertainment quarter) since then.  During the day, one might come across a maiko (apprentice of geiko, mature female entertainer) taking a break after their lessons.  Each branch has a different menu and style; the Gion branch stays open till the early morning and has many delivery menu items.  Geiko and maiko enjoy their parfait and shaved ice during the summer season at ochaya (an establishment where patrons are entertained by geiko).The Chocolate Parfait in the photo has a freshly baked crepe topping, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and crunchy corn flakes on the bottom.  Every bite is different and delicious.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. Introduced in Yoru, Gion wa Yasashi, Fujin-gaho, August issue, 2014.  *Information is subject to change.


    Name Tanaka Coffee Gion Shop
    Address 99-3 Sueyoshi-cho, Yasaka Shinchi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-541-8215
    Hours 13:00-5:00 (close)
    Closed Sun.
    Recommended Chocolate parfeit has crispy texture of coneflakes: 830 yen.