Delicious selection of meat for a reasonable price attracts repeaters

Established in 1952, Tokiwa is located in the midst of the Keihoku mountains with the beautiful scenery of cedar wood forest; a famous resource of this area.  It is not unusual for people to travel from afar to visit this butcher shop and the restaurant.  They are specialized in Japanese female black beef of A4 and A5 rank.  The owner, Maeda, carefully selects the beef at the market and buys it as a whole dressed carcass.  The tender and juicy meat has the perfect balance of lean and fat.  “Taking a bite will surely make you understand the difference of Japanese black beef,” says the owner’s wife.  The restaurant is located next door to the shop and offers quality beef dishes and one of the popular items is Sukiyaki.  Enjoy the juicy and sweet beef that will simply make you feel content.

Photo: Katsuo Takashima/ Reported and Written by Akiko Okita
Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. and introduced in "The Ways of Appreciating Kyoto Food 10 times more", July issue, 2011


Name Tokiwa
Address 1 Keihoku Shuzan-cho Uedai, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-852-0014(Fax075-852-0314)
Hours 11:30-16:30 (last entry)
Closed Wed. and closed irregulalry on other days
Resevation Reservation required two days in advance
Recommended Lunch: 5,250 yen; 3 private rooms (max 20 people); 5% service charge will be added.