Yamada Seiyu

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    Yamada Seiyu

    Magic drop of sesame seed oil draws out the deliciousness of food and adds spiciness, flavor and a deeper taste

    Yamada Seiyu makes sesame seed oil only with carefully selected sesame seeds.  The process of making the oil takes about a month.  One of their popular items, Goma Rayu, is made with their sesame seed oil, red chili, ginger and leeks grown in Japan.  It not only adds spiciness to dishes but also adds flavor and a deeper taste and is perfect for any style of dishes.  Gekikara Dorodoro Rayu, with extra spiciness, is also made available only at this shop after the fans requested an extra hot seasoning oil.  Try adding a drop to a salad, Chinese stir-fry, pizza and pastas and you will sure to find the dishes’ taste even more delicious.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC.
    Fujin-gaho,July issue,2011


    Name Yamada Seiyu
    Address 4 Katsura Tatsumi-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-394-3276
    Hours 9:00-19:00 (shop)
    Closed End & beginning of the year
    Recommended Sesame oil and other variety of oil items are available; They also run an Italian restaurant next to the shop.