Saidokoro Yasukawa

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    Saidokoro Yasukawa

    Feel at home with the delicious oden made by the ex-okiya female owner

    The owner, Yukiko Yasukawa, opened this restaurant about 30 years ago after renovating a part of her house, formerly an okiya (lodging house in which a maiko or geiko live).  This homey restaurant is still loved by the geiko (traditional Japanese female entertainers) and maiko (geiko apprentice).  Obanzai (traditional home style cooking of Kyoto) and seasonal dishes made with fresh ingredients are widely available. Amongst all, oden (Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients stewed in a light, soy-flavored broth), to which the owner keeps adding the broth everyday to keep the original taste, is simply exquisite.  Not only are the flavorful white radish and soft beef delicious but also the broth itself.  The restaurant is also popular for those tourists who wish to taste a typical Gion daily meal. Try the Wafu Pilaf, or Japanese style fried rice made with cooked baby sardines and soy sauce.  Chopped radish leaves also add a nice texture.

    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. Introduced in Yoru, Gion wa Yasashi, Fujin-gaho, August issue, 2014.  *Information is subject to change.


    Name Saidokoro Yasukawa
    Address 93 Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
    Tel 075-551-3390
    Hours 18:00-1:00 (L.O.)
    Closed Sun. & national holidays
    URL http://www.oden-yasukawa.com/
    Recommended White radish, egg, fried tofu and other variety of ingredients are always prepared as Oden items; From 120 yen per piece; Beef oden: 400 yen.